Static Web Design:

Static website design services for small business where information doesn’t change very frequently ,our static website are equipped with all the required features.

Features of Static websites:

  • Low cost of development.
  • Simple to create and host.
  • Direct control over content.
  • Search engine friendly.

Dynamic Web Design:

Dynamic website design will help your business in several ways , We assist you in building a visually-captivating, unique and relevant website.Your data can be managed by your team.

Features of dynamic websites:

  • Ease to add and manage the content without knowledge of code.
  • Generate dynamic reports about your traffic.
  • Restrict web pages to particular group of users.
  • Integrate the website with any other application

Ecommerce & online shopping:

E-commerce allows you to manage your online store easily. Create unlimited categories, subcategories and items with a few clicks. Upload images and manage them with our image management system. Shipping management, inventory management and many other useful functions are available at your needs. Online and offline payment methods are supported.

We create beautiful, intuitive ecommerce websites that enhance your brand and engage shoppers. Grow your sales by building a gorgeous site using our out-of-the-box themes or advanced customization framework.

Website Management Services.

Site management is one of the most important steps that many of us make the full effort to add, edit and delete news or other content on their site.

IAX includes the following elements in their Management:

– Insert additional pages

– Installation/Update of web pages on the client’s web hosting service

– Changes to web structure, design, navigation or functionality

– Add your site to search directories, increasing your visibility in search engines

– Bug Fixing

– 24/7 Customer support

IAX Team will evaluate client’s requirement and formulate a quote and timeline to complete the work based on the documents and instructions client have submitted.