Web hosting is a service that allows you to view and publish your content on the internet. Providers of these services are the web hosting companies, which have large computers with huge specifications and high speeds connected to the Internet. These computers are called servers.

When you visit a Web site, your web browser sends a request to the server hosting this website, the server receives your request and displays what you have searched for or attempted to access. The web page may contain an attractive design, file, image, text information, etc.


To make it simple, we can say that the domain is the address of your house, and web hosting is the space on which this house is located. 

Your domain is the address of the visitors to your website, for example “www.iiiax.com”.
Web Hosting is the space on which your website is available, which we have explained in the previous paragraph.


Shared Hosting

If you are looking for the best economic solution to host your website, shared hosting is your choice. Several websites are hosted on just one server. Companies usually offer this service at reasonable prices because there are multiple websites on the same server. This service is one of the cheapest hosting services and best for small sites!

VPS – Virtual Private Servers

VPS is a web hosting environment that simulates the (full servers) service within shared hosting boundaries.

This service is a virtual server within a real server with high performance and advanced hardware specifications, the company gives you this virtual server with the allocation of part of the server’s real resources (space, processor cores, ram, etc.), you can manage it as a real server, as you prepare it completely and control it and nobody can know what is happening within the server even the host company itself. Unless this server is managed, the web hosting company is responsible for preparing and handling it for you.

Cloud Servers

Cloud servers are virtual servers have the same capabilities of real servers, but different from the way of work and different from VPS, which we talked about previously.
as the cloud server uses the resources of several servers which are connected to each other, and when you use this service you benefit from the existence of a large number of servers that your cloud server can rely on. Therefore, you can increase your resources and resources more widely at any time.

Dedicated Servers

When your website reaches a high level of growth, has a big amount of data and number of visitors, you will need a more advanced web hosting service that allows you higher resources to run your website properly without downs and to be able to manage your website effectively. Here comes the role of private or dedicated servers. In this service, you rent a full server Without a partnership with any other client, you are the sole controller of the server from choice the operating system and hardware to the management of the entire server, some companies offer these servers (managed) to provide the client the process of preparation and management because it requires a high experience in system administration.

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